United Kingdom Metal Car Badge


  • Superior quality metal car emblem decal

  • Handmade to perfection in metal chrome

  • UV and water resistant good for outdoor driving conditions

  • Attaches easily with non-staining double sided car foam tape

  • Featuring actual national flag design

  • Comes in various national flags

  • Size: 1 5/8 x 4 1/8 inches


The Metal Flag Emblem Car Badges are car accessories that tell about your patriotic side. Travel in style and loyalty to your country with the flag car decal and for sure you‰۪ll be noticed instantly.

Quality handmade with your flag printed in top quality material comes with protective epoxy laminate that can prevent damages from outside weather and UV rays. Easy peel off back has double sided foam car sticker that would not stain or damage your vehicle. Upgrade your vehicle‰۪s style and look then travel the road with such pride for your home country.

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